New Zealand

Ailie Snow

Ailie has been working in the field of textiles for more than 35 years, regularly exhibiting and teaching around New Zealand, Australia, Britain and America.    In her obsessively stitched work she combines a wide range of cloth, as well as paper, print and found objects, to assist in telling the story.

She’s never happier than with a pencil or a needle and thread in her hand and some sort of experimental work challenging her to find a new way to communicate.  With heaps of enthusiasm and encouragement, she hopes to convey this sense of discovery and enjoyment to every class.

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden

Alysn is an internationally acknowledged artist, curator, tutor and author.
She specialises in a range of unusual materials such as metals, paper, wire and paint; and not for nothing is her blog called 'Alysn Burnt Offerings' as her experimental techniques include burning, hammering, patinating and distressing (amongst others). Stitching and embellishing are not forgotten in her work and are used freely and expressively.  Her designs and inspiration are often drawn from natural patterns and textures in addition to a fascination with the history and social context of materials and techniques.  Alysn loves to share her experimental, improvisational approaches resulting in serendipitous outcomes. 

Cheryl Comfort

Cheryl has been quilting for more than 30 years mostly making original wall quilts.  She has won numerous awards, exhibiting both nationally and internationally as well as teaching throughout New Zealand.   Known most recently for her black quilts, she is an abstract artist, preferring colour, line and texture to express ideas.   She likes to quilt heavily and explore other ways of ‘mark making’.  She likes students to explore new ideas and to use what she shows them in whatever way suits them.  She believes that the best quilts are made when you remain true to yourself and likes to help students expand their repertoire of skills and to find their own artistic voice.

Chris Kenna

Chris uses machine pieced foundations to create greater precision in her quiltmaking.  Her quilts have been exhibited nationally and internationally in a number of galleries and shows as well as being published in New Zealand and international quilt magazines and books.  Her quilts have won a number of national and international awards, including Best of Show at New Zealand’s National Quilt Symposium in Manawatu in 2007.

Chris has taught quilting throughout New Zealand for the last fifteen years and has judged a number of local and national quilt shows and festivals during that time.

Clare Smith

Clare is a Textile artist and costume maker.  She has a Teaching Diploma, a Graduate Diploma in Visual arts and a Diploma in Costume Construction and is currently studying Maori Weaving.  She has been teaching dyeing, screenprinting and fabric painting, quilting, machine quilting and bookmaking since 1996 both in New Zealand and internationally.  Clare has exhibited her work widely, most recently with ‘ThroughOurHands’ Group in the UK and at the Bojagi Forum in Seoul, South Korea.

Debby Williams

Debby is an award winning international quilt tutor and judge with over 25 years of experience.   Texas born, she expanded her knowledge of quilting and began tutoring under the influence of wonderful Kiwi quilters while living in Blenheim.   Her wide range of interests includes a strong emphasis on design and stretching the limits of techniques.  Debby strives to give each student necessary skills to have confidence in completing the projects she teaches, with a goal to help students to have the best quality quilting experience possible.  Her classes are supported by thorough and illustrated student notes. 

Diane Anderson

Diane has been an avid quilter for more than 20 years, having first learnt to quilt whilst living overseas. She has taught classes at several  guilds and at  three National Symposiums.  She finds teaching, especially hand quilting, to be very rewarding.  To know that you are passing on a timeless skill to another generation is a wonderful feeling.  She is married with a grown up family and is also a marriage celebrant.  Her hobbies include quilting, knitting, dressmaking, gardening, hiking, travelling and cooking.

Donna Ward

Donna began quilting more than 25 years ago.

Today her passion is working with contemporary fabrics, combining precision piecing and appliqué with detailed machine quilting.

Donna has won a diverse array of national and international awards.  In 2003 she was awarded the Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship for International Quilt Teachers and in 2017 her quilt “Fly” won Best of Show at the NZ National Quilt Symposium.

Griet Lombard

Give Griet scraps and crumbs of fabric – off the floor and out of bins.  

Give her vintage linens and opshop finds.                                                     

Give her colour and texture, then her soul will sing and her fingers will itch.

But do NOT ask her for measurements, for patterns or the perfect quarter inch seam! Then she will wilt and fumble.

She has been teaching quilting and embroidery for more years than she can remember and it still gives her great pleasure when at the end of a class students can show work which reflect their own personality – their own soul.

Hazel Foot

Hazel has experimented with different styles and techniques and developed a passion for free motion quilting and machine embroidery. 

She enjoys working with colour that reflects the places she has lived in and visited but also focusses on creating Pacific style designs and colours that reflect Auckland’s Pacific ties.

Hazel enjoys sharing her enthusiasm and skills with other quilters and aims to give students the confidence to draw on their own creativity and experiences when creating their designs.

Jacqui Karl

Jacqui started patchwork and quilting about 23 years ago and fell in love with it, making bed and lap quilts for family and friends and then discovering art quilts and mixed media quilts, which is where her passion now lies. 

She has been tutoring for 15 years and loves sharing her passion with other likeminded people, showing them that it is not as hard or as complicated as first appears - one step at a time evolves into something stunning.

She also machine quilts for people and designs, produces and wholesales her original patterns.

Juliet van der Heijden

Juliet designs and sells foundation paper pieced patterns. She loves the thrill of translating an idea or a picture into a paper pieced design and is the author of Animal Quilts: 12 Paper Piecing Patterns for Stunning Animal Quilt Designs. Her earlier careers in archaeology and radiography and then raising a family taught Juliet to pay attention to small details and to be logical in her approach.  Juliet loves sharing her skills with others and has taught foundation piecing in New Zealand and abroad.

Lisa Call

Lisa has created a large body of artwork (over 1000 textile paintings) in the past 15 years, which she actively exhibits across the globe.  Her award winning work is widely collected and is in numerous public and private collections.  Lisa’s intention is to provide students with the vocabulary and tools needed to return to their own studios, with their own ideas so they can move forward with confidence after their classroom experience.

Lois Parish Evans

Lois Parish Evans is an awardwinning textile artist/art quilter. Learning to sew and draw from an early age, Lois merged her two favourite subjects whilst at Art School and has been creating textile art and exhibiting for many years. Lois loves exploring and pushing her own creativity in new directions and is excited about facilitating workshops to teach skills, and creating a learning environment that encourages participants to pursue their own creativity.

Mary Metcalf

Mary has been quilting and teaching for over 30 years and sewing forever. She has owned a successful online store, selling NZ designed quilting fabrics and her own quilt patterns.  Mary has won numerous prizes for her quilts and has had her quilts travel around New Zealand and also to Australia and the USA in quilt shows. 

Maryann Paterson

Maryann is a Quiltworx Certified Instructor as well as a longarm quilter and has been quilting for over 40 years.  Her quilting passions are all things quilting but she has a love for the structure and preciseness of foundation paper piecing.  She enjoys sharing her wealth of knowledge with others and especially enjoys teaching and seeing the delight her students feel when a project, which at first seemed daunting, has been accomplished.

Mathea Daunheimer

Mathea has been quilting for about 12 years and draws much of her inspiration from her surroundings. Originally from the far northeast corner of the United States, she moved to New Zealand 7 plus years ago, starting out in the Far North an area rich with colour and inspiration, and now enjoying life in Oamaru with its quirky charm and natural beauty.

Art quilting with lots of colour and texture is her passion and she hopes to share it with you all!

Melissa Burdon

Portrait and pictorial quilts have been Melissa’s passion since 2010. After completing her first two simple portraits, she has gone on to develop her own techniques that allow her to make more complicated images into quilts.    Her quilts have been internationally juried, exhibited and awarded.  As her work has progressed, she has developed a more realistic style. She loves to pass on this technique to others through classes.  She is passionate about all forms of quilting, including traditional and modern.

Ronnie Martin

Ronnie is a textile and mixed media artist who has exhibited widely both in New Zealand and overseas. She has won many awards for her work and is an enthusiastic and sought after tutor. She is the Creative Director for the annual Changing Threads Contemporary Textile and Fibre Awards Show, and is an executive member of Arts Council Nelson. She is an artist member of the Nelson Suter Art Society.  Ronnie is part of the Creative Journeys group which tutors and organises high quality arts education classes and events.

Sharon Keightley

Sharon is a passionate Quilt pattern designer who shares her patterns and fondness of vintage and reproduction fabrics. Experimenting with this range of fabric styles allows her to add her own historical vision into design work. Many of her quilts include a mixture of piecing and applique.  She has tried many different techniques for applique, learning what has worked for her, which has allowed her to use a selection of techniques that help create the look she loves.

Sheila Christensen

Sheila owns Quilters’ Lane. She is originally from England and moved to New Zealand in 2002. Her passion for quilting began later in life when she spotted a class at the local quilt shop. After a few years of taking every class she could, she ended up buying the shop.

With a background in maths and economics, Sheila has an eye for patterns and is fascinated by the endless possibilities in quilting. She has just written her first book: 'Quilts with an Angle', published by C&T.

Sonya Prchal

Sonya is an Art Quilter who gains her inspiration from gorgeous scenery and animals in NZ and overseas. She enjoys capturing this beauty in her works, with whole cloth painting and extensive thread work. Sonya loves sharing her knowledge and inspiring others, encouraging her students to build their confidence and excel in their newly acquired skills. Sonya has taught throughout New Zealand and internationally. She has exhibited in numerous shows in New Zealand and in the Paws and Whiskers Challenge AQC, and has won many awards.

Annie White

Annie has been quilting for twelve years.  Her works tend towards being graphical and more ‘art quilty’ than traditional and she is most well known for her textural works on white fabric; the first two quilts ‘White on White’ and ‘Korowai Ma’ winning their divisions at the Auckland Quilt Festival. Her latest, ‘Whitewash’, was awarded Best of Show in 2017. Her works have also travelled in Brenda Gael Smith’s ‘Living Colour’ and ‘Time’ exhibitions and have appeared in the  2015 Quilt Symposium, Aotearoa’s Quilters ‘ Flight’ and ‘Colours of New Zealand’.

Shuchi Kothari

Shuchi Kothari writes screenplays for the film industries in New Zealand, India, and USA. She has also produced short films of international acclaim and for television, New Zealand’s first prime-time Asian show titled A Thousand Apologies.

Shuchi's feature film Firaaq (2008) has screened at prestigious film festivals around the world, and has won 14 international awards. In 2010 Shuchi was nominated in the "best story" catetory for the Star Screen Awards in India. Her creative work reflects her interest in issues related to migration, settlement, South Asian diaspora, and Indian cinema. She is the recipient of the New Zealand Film Commission’s Writer’s Award for 2009.