Irene Blanck

Irene started sewing machine pieced quilts about 25 years ago after seeing a quilt in a magazine.  In 2017 she started designing and teaching her own applique and hand pieced quilts and has run workshops in Australia, Europe and the US. She loves teaching all aspects of needle turn applique and piecing, and likes to think of her classes as “sit and sew” sessions, where the students have a relaxing, fun and stress‐free day.

In 2015 Quiltmania published Irene’s patterns in a book called ‘Focus on Applique’ and she has also had her patterns in magazines in Australia and in Europe. 

Kathy Doughty

Kathy has learned the language of patchwork by working with quilters’ needs and fabric trends in her experience as the owner of Material Obsession since 2003.  Her workshops focus on providing tips and ideas that encourage each participant to take control of the decision processes of patchwork.  Participants learn how to read fabric, create interesting combinations and to achieve a unique look that reflects their own personal taste. Kathy has written 5 books with a new one that tackles designing with applique due out in 2019.  In addition she is a fabric designer for FreeSpirit Fabrics.

Pam Holland

Quilter, quilt designer, pattern designer, fabric designer,

photographer, illustrator, film maker, judge, author.

"Artists are inventors, shaping the new from the already established.”

Some of her ideas about quilts come to her through the whisperings of those who came before her and things unknown. She calls them her Whimsy ideas!  Other inspiration comes from nature, her photography, her experiences in travel and the light in her expression as she sees the world as a very special place. Pam just loves sharing and enthusing students to look at the world just a little differently and express it through Textile Art.

Chris Jurd

Chris Jurd lives outside Sydney and has been quilting for over 30 years.  She started teaching 18 years ago and is busy throughout the year in Sydney, regional NSW and interstate. Her work encompasses all styles with an emphasis on a strong colour palette and a preference for foundation piecing.

Chris has won several prizes over the years for her quilts including a 1st at the 2011 Sydney Quilt Show and again in 2018.

Deborah Louie

Deborah's love of colour, sewing and textiles started when she was a girl growing up in the family textiles business in Sydney which specialised in hand dyeing laces and beautiful fabrics. Deborah started her own domestic machine quilting business, quilting over 600 quilts for clients. Her skills in both traditional and contemporary design, were inspired by the river and natural bushland of her Sydney studio and by her life and love of colour. Deborah has been teaching internationally for over 19 years and has won many awards for her machine quilting, machine applique and contemporary quilt making.

Michelle Marvig

Michelle has been a part of the Australian quilting scene for 27 years, and has had 100’s of quilts published in magazines, written four books, designed five fabric ranges and run a shop for ten years. Currently, she is a feature writer for Quilters Companion, hosts patchwork tour groups overseas and is an addicted quilter! While Michelle does work by hand, she focuses on machine piecing and loves to give her students the knowledge and skills to make their own original designs. Presently she is concentrating on designing and exploring possibilities with templates.  


Jane McDonald

Jane is mainly self-taught but has had some influential teachers along the way including Irma Chelsworth for sashiko. She has also been fortunate enough to have done classes with Yoko Saito, Akiko Ike and Mrs Miura-san all specialists in traditional Japanese textile crafts.  Jane’s business began from her interest in Japanese traditional textiles and crafts and has grown, both as a passion and a business. This makes for a very fruitful experience both professionally and personally as she continues to develop new interests within these specialised crafts.


Margaret Sampson-George

Margaret has been teaching quilt making for many years. Naturally her methods and applications have evolved, driven in part by enthusiastic students, the explosion of internet quilt-related information, as well as the influences she gained by living in several different countries. In workshop situations, Margaret wants students to trust their own judgement and create quilts that, at least in some parts, reflect their own personalities - quilts that might have their roots in the traditions of the past but are endeavouring to create new traditions thus ensuring our quilt making grows and flourishes.


Caroline Sharkey

Embellishing the Surface is Caroline’s way of creating textures that are interesting and change the way You as the viewer look at fabric.

Stitching into the surface gives one a changing palette and adding colours brings the artwork to life.  In Caroline’s art practice, her approach is to chop the fabrics into small confetti styled pieces, and then mix the colours and textures to create beautiful new fabrics. She uses raw edge applique and thread painting to enhance these surfaces.

Caroline travels to teach her techniques of fabric embellishments and textured surface workshops and loves to inspire and encourage everyone to experience the creative side of Textile Art

Brenda Gael Smith

Brenda designs and creates in her studio in the “other” Copacabana, her home in Australia, and retains strong ties to her New Zealand homeland.

She offers project-based, technique-driven workshops so students learn new skills AND come away with a sense of achievement. Her teaching focus is on freeform piecing, striking designs and the effective use of colour so as to promote fun and encourage creative confidence

Wendy Whellum

Wendy has been a craftsperson since her grandmother taught her to knit and use the old Singer treadle machine at age 5. About 25 years ago she made her first quilt which was really bad, but it got her hooked! She particularly enjoys hand applique and hand piecing. Over the last 15 years many of her quilts have been published in Australia Patchwork and Quilting magazines .  Wendy has been awarded numerous times in Australia quilt exhibitions for her work, including Best Hand Made quilt, and Excellence in Hand Quilting most recently.


Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams creates popular textile pieces using wool felt combined with a wide range of traditional and modern patchwork influences.  Her studies in teaching and fashion formed a strong foundation for her work which is happy, calorific and achievable for makers at any level of experience.  She is dedicated to the principles of the design process and communicates it in a delightful manner. Currently a popular Australian designer, Wendy teaches regularly in Sydney as well as internationally for groups, events and shops.