Please read carefully before registering your interest.

Registration of Interest is $35 for those living in NZ and $60 for people overseas.

The registration fee is not refundable.

Register Online  Print Registration Form


Register now to secure the lowest possible personal registration number. Class allocations are made in order of registration number, so the lower the number, the more chance you have of getting the classes you want. As a registrant, you will receive newsletters and the registration book, which provide details of all the classes, events and exhibition information.

We accept the following methods of payment when you register on line:

  • Internet banking (our preferred option) - your payment is confirmed immediately and your registration becomeas active
  • pay by Visa or Mastercard (overseas registrants please use this option) - payment is confirmed at the time and your registration becomes active
  • Register online and pay by cheque - your registration is not activated until we receive your cheque and it is cleared by your bank

Or you can print the registration form, attach a cheque and send to us at the address on the form - your registration will be activated once your cheque has been banked and cleared.