Which sewing machines are for hire and how much do they cost?

Sewing machine brands are Bernina, Pfaff and Husqvarna - hireage is $30 per day.


Why is it taking so long to get a reply when I send a query to the website?

We are working through large volumes of email queries a day, so please be patient and send only one email stating your problem clearly, we will get to it.  Please check the FAQs for a possible answer to your query before emailing us.


What is the problem for Xtra users?

Please note the problem where Xtra was blocking emails sent from our website was resolved as at 5 April, however we are still having problems emailing from our Symposium Email account - Xtra are investigating.

Any automatic emails sent from the website to users with an Xtra email address are being blocked by Xtra.  This includes automatic registration notifications, confirmation of class enrolments and reset password emails.  We are working with our developers and Xtra to try and resolve this problem.  In the meantime users with Xtra email addresses can access their own personal details and see their class enrolment details on the website as per below.  The problem does not stop xtra users logging in to the website.  During this problem time, if you are a user with an xtra email address and have forgotten your password, please use the Contact Us form to let us know and we will reset it manually and advise you of the change. 


How do I find out my personal details when I didn't receive a notification from the website?

Log in to the website using your username and password, and under Register, select My Information.


How do I find out what my Class Enrolment details are when I didn't recieve an automatic confirmation?

Log in to the website using your username and password, and under Register, select Symposium Enrolment  - you can look up your enrolment details there.


What happens at a Quilt Symposium?

A quilt symposium is an event where anyone interested in quilting is able to gather to attend workshops from local and international tutors, attend lectures, purchase quilt-related goods from a Merchants Mall, and generally mix and mingle with like-minded people and get to know new friends.


Who attends a Quilt Symposium?

Anyone can register, enrol and attend.


Do I have to be an expert to attend?

No, a symposium is a great place for a beginner quilter to attend as much as it is for experienced quilters - classes and workshops are for all levels of expertise, something for everyone.


How do I enrol or register?

The first step is to Register your Interest – this entitles you to receive updates and newsletters as the planning of the Symposium takes place. Registration is $35 for NZ residents and $60 for overseas residents. Well in advance of the event, a Symposium Handbook is published containing details of classes/workshops, lectures, events.  The booklet is posted to all those who have registered their interest.  When you have decided which events you want to attend, you will complete an Enrolment Form online selecting events you wish to attend, and other incidentals such as sewing machine hireage, transport needs etc.  Your enrollment details will be accompanied by a small Admin fee and payment for the events you have selected.


What if I don’t have internet access or an email address?

You will probably be reading this on someone else’s computer, so we suggest you buddy up with someone whose computer you can use and ask them to register you and keep you informed of all online announcements. 


Where is the Symposium held?

Auckland Symposium is being held at St Cuthbert’s College in Epsom, Auckland.  Epsom is midway between the airport and the CBD.  See details under the Venue tab.


Where can I stay?

Some accommodation is available on-campus at St Cuthbert’s College - if you have registered your interest, details of how to book the on-site accommodation are available on the website under Venue > Accommodation.

There are many motels close to the venue – we suggest you search online.


Why do I have to reset my password every time I log in?

You need to login using your username, not your email address.  The screen asks you for your username.


I can't remember my login password - how do I find it?

Your password is secret to only you. If you have forgotten it, you will need to reset it.  Go to the website and click on 'Login' - the login window will appear.  Type in your username and select 'Forgot Password' - you will presented with another window asking you for your email address - this is so the system can send you a link to change your password.  Go to your email, find the message and click on the link in the message - you will be prompted to enter a new password twice.  Make a note of your password.  You will now be able to login with the new password.  NOTE - Temporarily, Xtra Users will not be able to use the 'Forgot Psssword' process (see explanation above).


I have registered, but I have forgotten my login details - what do I do?

When you register, the Symposium program sends you a acknowledgment email containing the user details you set up for yourself. Look in your inbox and your spam and junk folders around the time you registered to see if you can find that email which wil give you the information you need.

If you can't find that email, click here, fill in the boxes describing the exact problem you have and we will reply.


I can't remember if I have registered

Same as above, search for an initial email in your email inbox, spam and junk folders around the time you may have registered. Email via Contact Us if you can't find anything.


I have missed some Newsletters because I have just registered my interest, can I have them resent?

You can view and print all previous newsletters by clicking on the NEWS menu item, then choosing 'Newsletters'. All newsletters are copied here after they are sent out.