Quilt Symposium Auckland 2019 - Exhibition Category





Interpret, in a quilt, a photograph you have taken yourself, in any style you wish, not necessarily pictorial.

Your photograph will be submitted with your quilt, and displayed alongside your quilt in the Exhibition.

The photograph must be signed on the back as a declaration that it is your original photograph.

Photographs from the internet must not be used.


Number of Makers:

ONE maker only



61 cm x 76 cm  (24 inches x 30 inches)  either landscape or portrait orientation


Finishing your Quilt:

A hook Velcro strip must be sewn securely along the top of the quilt at the back.  For ease of stitching, you may wish to machine sew the Velcro onto a strip of fabric, then hand stitch the fabric firmly to the quilt.  Please attach a strip of fluffy velcro to the hook strip to protect other textiles your quilt may be next to.  Label the fluffy strip with your name and registration number.

A fabric label must be firmly sewn to the back of the quilt.  It should be placed on the bottom left corner of the quilt when the quilt is viewed from the back.

Information on the label must include:

  •        Name of Maker
  •        Symposium Registration Number
  •        Title of Quilt
  •        Size of Quilt (in cms)


Closing date for Entries:

5 July 2019


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