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This is not a judged challenge, but rather a collaborative exhibit to be displayed at the Symposium venue.



As an example, above are images of a painting by Rita Angus (‘Central Otago’) on the left, and the resulting quilt (on the right) when fifteen Auckland quilters were each given one segment of the painting to complete in their own style but using exact dimensions and colours close to the original.


As a Quilt Symposium 2019 registrant, you are invited to take part in a similar project based on a different artwork.

After your expression of interest and payment of a $15 entry fee, you will be given one segment of a painting (approximately A4 size).  You will not see the whole painting, just the piece you will be working on.

The challenge is to express yourself in the interpretation of your segment, but maintain the colour of the original artwork. You need to ensure the connecting lines are exact so they match with the adjacent segment, and that the finished size is absolutely exact so the segments all fit together – a challenge indeed!

At the end of the Symposium these collaborations will be auctioned and the proceeds donated to Lady Susan Baragwanath Cave’s Trust which has provided continuing education for young girls who left college when pregnant.  Many of these women have since completed undergraduate degrees and a new trust is being set up by Sir David and Lady Susan to enable the women to complete postgraduate studies.


Instructions for Entry:

Please email your interest to our Exhibition Committee members Trish Downie and Alison Laurence at with the subject line ‘Re-Assemble Challenge’.   Also, it is important that you include your phone number and postal address, including postcode.

Submit your $15 payment via Sundry Payments (also in the 'Register' dropdown on the Home Page). In the 'What is the payment for' field, enter 'Re-Assemble Admin Fee'.

Once your payment has been received, Trish and Alison will forward detailed instructions to you on making your challenge segment.


Closing date for Entries:

30 May 2019 – note this category must be submitted earlier than the others so that the mini-quilts can be re-assembled into the final design.


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